From the language of matter to the poetry of signs

Guy Savel has different techniques and various tools: oil on canvas, acrylic paint using a brush, using a large spatula, varnish based on glycerophtalic resins, and the effect of dripping, watercolour, drawing with a felt-pen or with ink, aerosol painting, stamping, monotypes, collages made of pieces of a puzzle, pieces of newspapers, of letters, of signs, montages made with a photocopy machine, and assemblages of painted and cut cardboard, in addition to the use of objects…

This mixed technique is as varied as the language drawn from daily reality. However, Guy Savel considers this only a means to bring forth an idea, an intention, and not an end in itself. In fact, the technique is only a pretext, a means of communication, a linkage between the public and the artist with his art.

The painter is inspired by the evident reality, by the world which surrounds us and he thereby plays on the different levels of exploited themes: childhood, travel, the passing of time, games, women and their mystery, dreams, the unconscious and the city. For a long time, his choice of terrain was the human condition. At present, this diversity seems to have dissolved into a dominant theme: "words mix into images".

So, the signs of the every day language are often presented through cuts of newspapers or pages of old books combined into the work and take in Guy Savel's paintings a meaning which exceeds the simple formal game and seek our collective and social unconscious.

Guy Savel is very concerned with composition; while dealing with images he uses taste and care to be able to present to the spectator’s eye paths and entries. This is a long-lasting work to achieve a balance between paths and ruptures, movement and discontinuity, between patches of smoothness and roughness, areas worked on and those which are less worked on.

A long-lasting work indeed, which appeals to the rational as well as to the emotional, to allow being impregnated with the colours, the forms and the materials he uses. By doing so, Guy Savel gives a proof of his search to partake of contemporary life.

The artist’s processes are enclosed in no system but aspire rather to total freedom of expression.

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