An infographist and artist's website
A talented french collagist's website
Associations and groups
This website is dedicated to creative thought approach, introducing artists from various fields, thinkers and sometime poets of different styles.
All about Artcolle museum, collage and assembly art
Association of poetic creation, acts in public
Fruit of a passion for poetry, this site opens to poets of any horizons because poetry has no border
This association is a concrete and permanent dialogue between the artists and the public, by the organization of cultural events associating any forms of artistic and literary creations. Publishes the artistic and literary review 2000 Regards
Galleries and directories
A website dedicated to collage art and collage artists
Art directory: galleries, artists, marchands, magazines
Very complete !
Visual art directory - Artists, galleries, artist managers, schools, museums,...
A virtual art gallery - All information about fine arts
Paintings directory and services for painters
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